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The right wine in the proper wine glass!

There are glasses for white wine, red wine, rosé, sparkling wines, and so on. But what should you actually look at when purchasing a wine glass and why?

Talking about the function of glasses is actually talking about the experience of taste. The experience of taste is a combination of the senses: the tongue to taste the difference between salty, sweet, sour and bitter, the nose to (smell) to perceive and eyes to determine the color and texture. The shape of a wine glass and the glass brightness in any case are essential to the senses and taste of wine.



Wines from the region around Bordeaux are recognizable because they are powerful and closed. For these wines you will also need a voluminous and longer, slightly tapered chalice. The aromas thus lay on top and develop themselves in the glass before they end up in the mouth. Other than a glass of sparkling wine, a glass for champagne is slightly wider, including the mouth of the glass. Champagnes in fact has more complex aromas and to enjoy this to the fullest, champagne must be given more space in the glass.

For a sweet aftertaste of a wine such as rosé or dessert wine the best suited glass is a nice looking glass with the mouth opening slightly curved outwards. As a result, the wine comes not only on the front, the middle and the back of the tongue, but also on the sides. This also included the acid tones and the wine is balanced. Glasses for white wines are usually smaller and less bulky than glasses for red wine. The opening of the glass is narrow and tapered. As a result, the aromas do not evaporate as quickly, and continue to balance between the sweet fruit, and the acids. A red wine glass has a broad chalice, which slightly tapered upwards. The wine flows concentrated in front of the tongue.

All these types of wine glasses can be a bit confusing and still it is important that you know exactly which glasses are meant for white, red or sparkling wine. If you’re afraid your guest might break your expensive crystal glasses you can always opt for the shatterproof wine glasses also found in all different styles.

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